This Band's Genius Netflix Spoof Will Make You Want To Binge On Their Music

Whoa -- are we on the Tanlines website or Netflix?

Brooklyn pop duo Tanlines might have been watching way too much Netflix when they were coming up with the concept for their Website redesign. Their site,, looks exactly like the popular streaming service.

Starting with the loading screen, it looks spot-on.

Your queue pushes you to pre-order their May 19 album, Highlights

The 'Top Picks' are their songs cleverly disguised as movie titles

It recommends other Tanlines songs to check out, and links you to places you can listen. Brilliant.

And it also links to real movies, because they're awesome too.

Some of the titles take you to their tour info -- the selections are carefully chosen, as you can see.

As for all those miscellaneous links? They'll take you to mysterious places like their Twitter, Instagram and bandmember Jesse Cohen's podcast.

Check it out here!