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Paramore's Need-To-Know Bands? We've Got A Playlist

It's pretty eclectic.

When it comes to the charts, Paramore doesn't care whether rock is at the top or buried under a sea of country crooners and musical soundtracks. It's all about the "feeling," according to frontwoman Hayley Williams and the band, who tapped into that "feeling" to offer up a couple of their favorite acts for your listening pleasure.

"I think that half the time, the things that are on the charts -- somewhere down the line -- are being inspired by things that are bubbling under the surface and people won't ever hear," Williams told MTV News. "Even Ain't It Fun, that's us -- that's a culmination of 10-15 years of inspiration that is all across the board."

Check out a few of those inspirations -- along with a lil playlist -- below:

The Decemberists

"They're a band that I really love -- and I love their new record [What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World]," Williams said of the Portland, Oregon, band. If you're not familiar, these dudes get way literary with the references -- and, more often than not -- their jams sound like sea shanties that skeleton sailors would sing in a Tim Burton movie.


"I think that they are going to be really big," Williams said of the Baltimore hardcore band. "I think that they're one of the coolest things to happen in a while -- there's a lot of cool '90s influence and there's groove to it that's kind of hip-hop-ish."

Tame Impala

Guitarist Taylor York didn't really explain why he chose the bands he did, but we're guessing it's because Tame Impala, from Australia, is just atmospheric and rad, rad, rad. Their last record, Lonerism, will make you want to become a hermit, and we (and by "we," I mean me and Taylor) seriously can't wait for Currents to drop. There's a new single out now!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Taylor is all about the the international bands -- UMO hails from New Zealand. Oh! And they also have a new record on the horizon: Multi-Love, due out in May.