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Tinashe's 'All Hands On Deck' Video Is Even Sexier With These GIFs

Tinashe brings us one of the sexiest videos of the year (so far).

Tinashe already unleashed her sexier side in the music video for ‘Aquarius’ earlier this year, but on Monday (Apr. 6) she upped the ante when she dropped her “All Hands on Deck” video.

This video’s great, from the choreography to the location -- I mean, Tinashe managed to make a shipyard look sexy. How is that even possible? Don't believe us? Check these gifs to see what we mean.

  • The Drop
  • The Slide
  • The Roll Around
  • The Hair Flip
  • The Walk Away
  • The Shiny Jacket
  • The 'All In The Front' Move
  • The Finale
  • The Full Video