Maci On Her Co-Parenting Conversation With Ryan: 'I Really Don't Think He Gets It'

Despite their chat, the young mother says they're back to square one.

Maci has repeatedly expressed her desire to talk face-to-face with Ryan to iron out their co-parenting difficulties and his inability to respond to her messages/phone calls in a timely manner. During tonight's "Teen Mom OG" episode, Bentley's parents sat down for a cordial meal to suss out their growing issues -- and while it seemed that they reached common ground and M would talk directly with R instead of through his mom Jen, the young mother reveals in the "Teen Mom: OG Featured Moment" clip below that their positive settlement was unfortunately short-lived.

"I don't feel like that meeting gave any resolution to the issue," the 23-year-old explains. "I really just don't think he gets it. Sometimes, I will talk to him and I feel like he's not listening, he's not paying attention. He just doesn't care."

Even though the Tennessean has trouble comprehending how her former beau doesn't quite grasp the importance of this problem, she isn't giving up her efforts to make the situation better.

"I feel like I want this to work out and I want us to be able to co-parent, and I want him involved," M states. "But I feel like he wants none of that."

To find out how Maci is trying to overcome her troubles with Ryan, watch the video. Be sure to share your thoughts on how they might be able to repair their struggles, and keep up with "TMOG" all season long on Mondays at 10/9c.