Meet The Next Round Of 'Best Follower Of Guy Code' Nominees

These guys are changing the world in all the right ways.

As we've learned from the cast of "Guy Code," being a good dude means many things -- from stepping up your wingman game to being the roomie that actually buys toilet paper for once. Of course, the ultimate test of Guy Code is the degree to which you are able to put yourself second and focus on the needs of your fellow bros (and lady bros).

It's an appreciation for random acts of awesomeness that have led us to nominate four of the year's most outstanding examples of Guy Code. Yesterday, we announced the first two nominees.

Now, here's the next batch of truly commendable guys. Read up on their epic acts of compassion, and be prepared to vote Thursday for who you think deserves to be crowned the ultimate Best Follower of Guy Code.

The fraternity that bought a house for a homeless single mother

Kean University

Plenty of college students may be spending their time racking up beer pong games or attempting to cram three months of reading into one night, but the brothers in the Iota Phi Theta chapter of Kean University in New Jersey have found a much better way of keeping themselves occupied.

Back in February, the organization took advantage of a Valentine's Day special being offered by the city of Newark, wherein couples were given the chance to buy property lots for $1,000 -- if they committed to living on the premises for at least five years. Iota Phi Theta decided to use the lot to build a home for a single mother and her son.

Tosin Oduwale

Senior Tosin Oduwole, who helped organize the project, says the idea came about when the fraternity was "brainstorming a way to create a long-lasting effect in the life of a less fortunate person." He met single mother Jovanni Franklin at Sierra House, a homeless shelter in East Orange, New Jersey.

Now that the lot has been purchased and the deed is in the brothers' hands, all that's left to do is build the house, which the organization hopes to have completed by the end of summer. The fraternity is raising money to complete this inspiring project via their GoFundMe page. You can donate there to help these guys forever impact the lives of one mother and her toddler son.

The high school basketball players who had half their fans root for the other team.

"Go big or go home." "Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." There are plenty of phrases that we associate with high school sports, but until recently, "Cheer for the other team," wasn't one of them.

That is, until players for Vanguard College Prep in Waco, Texas, asked some of their fans to do just that.

Vanguard was slated for a match against Gainesville, a juvenile correctional facility. Player Ben Martinson says his team had played Gainesville before, at an away game in the correctional facility. "When I came home from the game up in Gainesville, I was pretty upset," he told MTV. "I sat down and talked to my mom and dad about the game. I told them how nice the boys were and how it bothered me so much that they didn't have fans."

Martinson and teammate Hudson Bradley then went on to talk to their teammates, coaches and athletic directors and, as Martinson puts it, "the idea started, and it took off from there."

When the Gainesville players arrived at Vanguard College Prep, they were greeted, not only with a cheering section of their own, but with their own cheerleaders, who wore "Gainesville Hurricane" shirts.

"A true sportsman plays hard and always plays to the best of their ability, but also respects their teammates and their opponents at all times," Martinson says. "You need to always encourage those around you to be better players but also better people."

After he graduates high school in 2016, Martinson plans on pursuing a degree in religious studies with a concentration in ethics and leadership. We'd like to high-five everyone involved with this inspiring story.

It should go without saying that guys aren't the only ones who can impress on the court. Check out this "Guy Code" season three clip of Melanie Iglesias showcasing her red-hot b ball game: