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Taylor Swift Got Dashboard Confessional To Play Her BFF's Birthday: Watch

That friendship bracelet you made looks so sad now.

If you're anything like Taylor Swift's BFF (OG edition) Abigail Anderson, you're primed to spend your birthday belting out your favorite songs with all of your friends.

Sadly, however, you're probably actually NOTHING like Abigail, as she got to do all of those things with Dashboard Confessional, Hayley Williams AND, of course, Taylor Swift. I really can't reign in my jealousy.

"One thing that I think it's important that you know -- if you don't already know this -- a lot of you probably know this: Her favorite, all-time band in high school -- and still -- is Dashboard Confessional," Swift said in an Instagram video, flanked by her BFF and pals.

While many of us might expect a signed poster or whatever after such an intro, you can tell Abigail knows what's coming... Especially after Tay starts asking if a certain frontman is in the house...

The finale is just too awesome for words, then, as everyone basically jams out on acoustic guitar in an epic singalong most of us can dream of in the little corner of our hearts that has not yet died.

Nicely done, Taylor. Nicely done. (BTW, my b'day is in December and I'm guessing you and Lorde have David Bowie's number on speed-dial. #JustSayin'.)