Nicki Minaj Teases Lots Of 'Secret Stuff' Coming Out On Tidal

We don't know what she's cooking up, but it's probably going to be a big deal.

Nicki Minaj has been steadily dropping tantalizing hints of what's to come on Jay-Z's enigmatic new streaming service Tidal over the last few days. The initial Tidal announcement earlier this week didn't share too many details about what the service -- supported by everyone from Kanye West to Jack White -- would actually provide.

Artists have been teasing new exclusive content to be available on the site, and it looks like Nicki Minaj has something big up her sleeve. She's posted a few things on social media recently which indicate plans in the works.

"I'm preparing my exclusive footage for #Tidal," she wrote on Instagram and Twitter today, adding "ur gna love it." On Instagram the caption was added to a seemingly unrelated screencap of a Tweet about Brazilian hair.

In response to a fan who wrote "Nicki and Beyoncé are releasing stuff on Tidal I wanna sign up now," Nicki wrote, "Lots of stuff...secret stuff." What this will be, only time will tell, but we can't wait to find out.

Meanwhile, Beyonce has just dropped a new song on Tidal exclusively, a romantic slow jam called "Die With You." Check out our coverage here.