Who's The 'Best Follower Of Guy Code’? Meet The First Set Of Nominees

We're honoring the greatest dudes of the year. You're picking the winner.

MTV2's "Guy Code" can teach you all about men-lightenment, and here's an especially important lesson: it is always better to do what's right over what's easy. Giving your all for the sake of others is what separates good guys from great ones. This quality is rare and cause for celebration.

That's why we're tipping our hats to all four nominees for this year's Best Follower of Guy Code. These kings of the Code may come in all ages, but are united in their pursuit of ways to make life better for someone else. Meet the first two nominees below -- we'll have the next two tomorrow, and you can vote for a winner on Thursday!

The guys who recreated every moment of "Rambo" for their bud's bachelor party

Throwing a bachelor party requires some logistical skill, but usually doesn't go beyond producing some beer and maybe a stripper. For our first nominee, Dan Riordan -- along with Colin Bennett, Brian Rosso, and the rest of their friends -- this wasn't nearly enough for his engaged best friend, Dana Saint.

Instead Riordan opted to reproduce every scene form Saint's favorite movie, "Rambo," with the groom-to-be as the star. Watch the glorious video below:

As Riordan describes in his blog, "Rambo Day" (July 26, 2014) was a collaborative effort that started long before Saint's bachelor party. It began when their group of friends started getting hitched, and the stakes with each bachelor party got naturally raised.

"Dana has always been the centerpiece for every bachelor party," Riordan said. "So, for him, we all knew that everything needed to get kicked up a couple notches."

Such creativity is ambitious but not totally surprising. Saint and Riordan also run the production company Gnarly Bay together and have access to filming and editing equipment, as well as the vision and skill set to pull this off. Riordan even attempted to get the real Brian Dennehy to reprise the role of Sherrif Will Teasle, through a family connection he had with Dennehy's teenage son.

The groom, Saint, told MTV News that going big on bachelor parties was normal for their friends, but this went above and beyond anything he could imagine.

"It was absolutely insane -- so cleverly planned out and executed, with surprise after surprise," Saint said. "It was like a dream. It's definitely a day that will never be topped for the rest of my life."

If you're planning a bachelor party for your friend, don't feel any pressure to top this achievement -- but check out this classic episode of "Guy Code" for the basic requirements:

The 8-year-old boy who helped his disabled brother compete in a triathlon

Alissa Aldrich

Meet Noah Aldrich, our second nom and living proof that age is only a number when it comes to following the Code. At the age of 8, he's proving to be a better man than many adults, helping his disabled brother through what most of us couldn't do on our own: a triathlon.

Noah's younger brother Lucas has a genetic condition called lissencephaly, and is unable to talk or walk. But Noah doesn't let his brother get left out of much, according to his mother, Alissa Aldrich.

"Although Lucas’s condition limits what he can physically do, they love to do everything together," she told us. "Noah knew Lucas couldn’t compete in sports by himself and he wanted to take Lucas along. ... They have no idea how inspiring they are. To them it's just normal."

As far as their favorite parts of the race, both Noah and Lucas loved biking and swimming the most, Aldrich said: "Lucas always cracks me up in the bike because he has such a serious face. I always call it his 'race face.'"

Aldrich is now hoping to build Lucas House, "a place where children of Idaho and surrounding regions with life-limiting conditions and their families can come and receive respite..." Learn more about Lucas House here, and come back tomorrow for our second two nominees!