Is This What Ryan Reynolds Will Look Like Unmasked In 'Deadpool?'

Don't worry, it's a good thing.

The more we hear about Ryan Reynold's "Deadpool," the more excited we are to finally see it in February 2016. First there was the fantastic bearskin rug costume reveal a few days ago. Then Reynolds actually wore the costume in a April Fools' prank that went viral yesterday, when he announced that the film would be pushing for an R rating.

Now, thanks to recent pictures that were taken from the set of the movie, we're getting a first glimpse of what he looks like UNDER the mask. Oh boy, this oughta be good.

R Chiang / Splash News
R Chiang / Splash News

It's a bit hard to make out, but you can definitely tell that Reynolds is wearing some kind of prosthetic on his face -- and doesn't have any eyebrows, either. But for the most part he was his regular handsome self in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (well, except for when they turned him into a mouthless zombie, but we're going to ignore that thanks to the blank slate "Days of Future Past" has given everyone) so what gives?

It's all because of the way that the Marvel comic book character's powers manifest. To make a long story short, Wade Wilson was given Wolverine's healing factor in a horrifying torturous experiment, so he's able to regenerate even more rapidly then Wolverine himself can. But he also came into the experiment with late-stage terminal cancer and was given the healing factor AFTER being horribly scarred. Thus, most of the time he ends up looking kind of like this:


It's pretty possible that the makeup might get even uglier from here on out, too (seriously, I've seen cosplayers use Freddy Kreuger masks to perfect the look. It's super intense). But at least this is further proof that we won't have a watered-down "Deadpool" movie, right?

What do you think?