Gigi Hadid Says Cody Simpson’s EP Will Show His Fans ‘What He Can Really Do’

Cody takes fans behind the scenes in this new video.

Cody Simpson is on a mission to "reignite his musical fire."

The Australian pop singer is gearing up to release his EP, Free, and he has been giving us an exclusive look into his studio sessions along the way.

In the latest edition of "The Making of Free," which Cody promises is "raw" and "real," we see the newly independent artist hard at work on perfecting his new sound and style, which long-time girlfriend Gigi Hadid says is always on his mind.

"I'd say that this is the first album that's really Cody and he has full control over creatively," she said in the video. "It's something that he's put so much work into and it's something that doesn't leave his mind when he leaves the studio."

The pop star has teamed up with co-writer/producer Cisco Adler on his next project, which has them on a jounrey of "trying to find the real Cody Simpson."

"When I met him it was just a dude who strangely enough is 17 and at a chapter change and really wanting to dive in and reignite his musical fire, he's on a musical pilgrimage," Adler said. "He's learning to bridge the gap of what he's known for and what he's trying to be."

Cody has released several songs off his upcoming EP, including "Flower" and "New Problems," which is inspired by his model GF.

"I'd say that Cody is really becoming an adult," Gigi said. "And this is his chance to show his fans what he can really do."