'Star Wars' And Pixar Collide In This 'X-Wings' Parody: Watch

It's just like 'Cars,' but set in a galaxy far, far away!

Disney and "Star Wars" share the same roof these days, leaving many fans to wonder when they'll lay their eyes upon the inevitable "Star Wars" movie from Pixar.

Who knows when that will happen — and it does feel more like a "when," not an "if" — but when it does, it's likely to look a little something like this...

An entire fleet of smack-talking, side-smiling X-Wings, versus equally snarky TIE Fighters, "Cars" style? Sign us up, especially after hearing Darth Vader's rendition of "You Got a Dad in Me."

The parody from Big Bee Studio isn't actually paving the way for a feature film, of course, but hey, we'd see it. After all, as the trailer says: "It can't be worse than the prequels, right?"

(via Bleeding Cool)