Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' Wins April Fool's Day With This Prank On Mario Lopez

April Pools!

"Deadpool," the cult favorite comic book character that Ryan Reynolds will be bringing to the silver screen, has been called many things, but “family friendly” is certainly not one of them.

And yet, that’s what Extra’s Mario Lopez would have audiences believe in his latest interview with Reynolds, who is on location in Vancouver shooting the film.

“I heard that the movie studio just announced that they’re aiming for a PG-13 rating,” Lopez said.

“Yeah, but we’re working to keep the spirit of the comic book alive though,” answered Reynolds.

“I think it’s smart that you guys are keeping it family friendly,” said Lopez. “Bottom line, Ryan, there may be a billion reasons to make a family friendly movie… as in sequels, toys…”

On cue, the Merc with a Mouth smashed the television host over the head with a chair and fired off one of his signature one-liners: “F—k you, Slater.”

All of this, of course, was just an elaborate April Fool’s joke. The Marvel motion picture will definitely have an R rating, according to Reynolds.

“It’s OK, Jesse, Slater can’t hurt you anymore,” said Reynolds, while Deadpool flashed a drawing that read “Mario Lopez (1973-2015) R.I.P.”

"Deadpool" is scheduled to hit theaters sometime in 2016.