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Zac Efron's Movie Awards Shirt-Rip Is The #TBT You Needed Today


April 13, 2014 was a truly blessed day. One that has gone down in infamy, one might say, if one was a fan of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

You see, April 13 was the day that Rita Ora -- the maker of dreams, the bringer of hope -- ripped off Zac Efron's shirt at the MTV Movie Awards.

Ripped it:

The f--k:


God bless you, Rita Ora, and everything you do for this world. Props should also be given to Zac's personal trainer, who is obviously not of this Earth and is some sort of Asgardian deity who has decided to toy with us tiny humans in the best way possible.

For more #TBT greatness, check out every single Zac Efron shirtless movie moment below, and be sure to watch the awards again this year -- Zac's nominated for Best Shirtless Performance again, so maybe this time lightning can strike twice!