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Is This A Video Of Beyonce Literally Teaching Blue Ivy To Floss While Teasing A Jay Z Song?

Like, actual flossing. Of the mouth.

If you don't listen to your dentist, at least listen to Beyoncé: Flossing is essential for your dental hygiene.

Sure, she may have not told us that in such certain terms in her latest Instagram post, but the visual says it all.

Joined by daughter Blue Ivy, with whom she's donning some matching sunglasses, Bey gets all up in those gums. Blue seems to be a bit less decisive with her floss movements, but I'll forgive her. Forming the habit early is what counts.

Not sure why they had to make this video sideways, but that's just how life goes sometimes. Also, can we talk about Blue Ivy's peace sign?

It's hilarious and adorable. Good talk.

Anyways, perhaps the most intriguing part -- unless, of course, you're a mouth care enthusiast, which, of course, is fine, too -- is the soundtrack to the flossing.

A thumping beat plays in the background, while a voice repeatedly sings, "flossin', flossin'." And then Jay Z's voice -- or, at least, what sounds exactly like Jay Z's voice -- briefly trickles in, doing some sort of ad-lib. Then, a chopped and screwed vocal comes in, muttering, "Where they do that at?"

Is this a preview of some new music or just some sick and twisted April Fools joke?

Of course, this isn't Blue Ivy's first bout with uncontrollable cuteness, as the video below from the 2014 VMAs proves.