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Taylor Swift Is Really Freaked About April Fools Day -- So Let's Prank Her

You can't hide, Tay Tay.

Taylor Swift is not the biggest fan of April Fools Day -- if Wednesday's (April 1) tweet is to be believed:

Well, that kind of makes me want to prank her even more, you know? So much so that I concocted eight amazing ways to put one over on Tay Tay this April 1. Check it:

  1. Switch Out Her Cats With Their Human Counterparts

    The REAL Meredith and Olivia curled up on Taylor's pillow, chasing string, using the litter box (ew, no, nevermind)? Hilarity would totally ensue. I mean, Mariska Hargitay already has the collar...

  2. Switch All Of Her Besties' Phone Numbers With Various And Sundry Takeout Places

    Oh man, Swift will really think she's off her rocker when she goes to call Lorde and Petey's Pizza answers instead. She'd probably just make BFFs with all the delivery dudes, though...

  3. Stop Liking, RTing And Favoriting -- For 24 Hours

    Give her a taste of being a normal person -- if just for one day.

  4. Tell Her All The World's Cookies Have Disappeared

    She won't believe you, but that's probably her worst nightmare (basically).

  5. Replace All The 'Shake It Off' Covers On YouTube With This Video

    She'll miss the undulating Swifties, but will take serious comfort in these adorable cats. Especially since hers are now humans and have become self-aware enough to mutiny.

  6. Lengthen The Legs Of All Her Chairs So She'll Think She Shrunk

    Yeah, I stole this from "The Twits," but, whatever, it would be funny.

  7. Shorten The Legs Of All Her Chairs So She'll Think She Grew

    It really works either way.

  8. Put All Signs Reading 'No Dancing' Wherever She Goes

    Now I'm just being mean.