'Heroes Reborn': Here's Your First Look At The New Cast

It's a Horn-Rimmed Glasses kind of day!

Peter Petrelli, Sylar and Claire Bennett are gone — at least for now. In their place, a brand-new set of super-powered somebodies are populating the world of "Heroes," when it comes roaring back to life later this year in NBC's reboot, "Heroes Reborn."

Who can we expect to meet when a new crop of superheroes and villains emerges? Character-wise, the details are about as invisible as Claude right now — but we have a good sense of the key cast members, all the same.

Zachary Levi posted this picture on Twitter, featuring the various cast members of "Heroes Reborn." Included in the shot are actors Ryan Guzman (the "Step Up" movies), Judi Shekoni ("The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2"), Henry Zebrowski ("The Wolf of Wall Street"), Robbie Kay (the terrifying Peter Pan from "Once Upon a Time"), Kiki Sukezane ("The Yokai King") and Toru Uchikado ("Turner Risk"). Say hi to your new "Heroes" gang!

Levi, of course, is also new to the "Heroes" scene, but not the geekosphere, having starred on "Chuck" for five years, and having played Fandral in "Thor: The Dark World." Also not new, and not even new to "Heroes," is Jack Coleman, reprising his role as Company man Noah "Horn-Rimmed Glasses" Bennett. No glasses in the picture Levi tweeted out, but we're assuming Coleman's just keeping them off his face in between takes; otherwise, if HRG returns sans HRG, we will riot.

Not a ton of familiar faces here, but that's what made the first "Heroes" special, right? A big part of the show's charm was the introduction of all-new men and women realizing their potential and fulfilling their destinies on a grand, super-powered scale.

Besides, it's not all rookies here on "Heroes Reborn." Aside from HRG, we're guaranteed to see...

Hiro Nakamura! Masi Oka has been confirmed to be coming back to "Heroes" as a guest star, and here's hoping that at least Ando is joining him for the ride.