John Lund / Getty Images

Here's What Happens When You Prank-Dump Your Boyfriend On April Fool's Day

Jokingly ending things with your bae might just backfire on you.

Thanks to texting and Twitter, it's easier than ever to pull off an April Fool's Day prank. You don't have to come up with some elaborate plan or keep a straight face from behind your screen. Of course, this also means it's easier to fall for a prank, since there are so many inundating your feeds. One British woman learned both these lessons last night when she prank-dumped her boyfriend via text.

The boyfriend immediately turned the tables on her, and a screenshot of the conversation went viral.

Considering she pulled this off just after midnight (U.K. time), this had to have been one of the first pranks of the day -- and also one of the first pranks that backfired. After thousands of people saw the exchange, the girlfriend had to explain that, no, nobody was actually being dumped.

Just another reminder that you always gotta be on your toes on April 1, even if you're the prankster.