Nick Jonas Covers Himself In Paint And Crowd Surfs In New ‘Chains’ Video

How did we not get invited to this party?

Nick Jonas, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

If you recall, last July Nick dropped the dark, moody video for "Chains," which I watched on repeat for weeks. Well, fast forward eight months later and Nick decides to release another video for the song, the "Wynwood Walls Edition." This time, he lightens the mood with a colorful, fun, and super sexy clip.

Nick teamed up with directors Black Coffee and artist Peter Tunney, who directed "Jealous," at the famed Wynwood Walls in Miami. In the video Nick takes over the graffiti lined streets, cruising in a car shaped like a ladybug (seriously?) and smoking a cigar as he passes by scantily clad women.

The video basically turns into an all-out block party with Nick having the best time ever. By the end, Nick becomes a human art piece, covered in paint and crowd-surfing over a sea of people.

My only complaint? There are no shirtless scenes.