'Hunger Games' Is Going All Dubai With New Theme Park Plans

You Katniss this one.

Got any big plans for October 2016? Now you do. You're going to Dubai, buddy!

Lionsgate today announced plans for "Hunger Games"-themed rides and a gift shop at Motiongate Dubai, according to Deadline.

"Our franchises are continuing to drive location-based entertainment opportunities around the world,” Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said. “We’re proud to partner with the team at Dubai Parks and Resorts to create a thrilling total entertainment experience."

A theme park has long been rumored, with Feltheimer teasing the possibility as far back as 2013.

And if the possibility of, perhaps, virtual arrow-shooting and a water ride (they could base it on that scene in "Mockingjay" where the dams break! Think of the flumes! The flumes!), plus the requisite upside-down rollercoaster don't get you going, maybe this will: Lionsgate said that a live show based on the "Step Up" franchise is also part of their Dubai plans.

Humble suggestion: revamp a few Dance Dance Revolution machines to go along with it? Consider our tickets bought.