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Drugs, Arrests And Life With Spencer: Stephanie Pratt Is Ready To Tell All

In a new FHM interview, the former 'Hills' star says she's writing a (very) revealing book.

The tail end of "The Hills" theme song insists "the rest is still unwritten," but former cast member Stephanie Pratt is apparently angling to change that.

The Cali girl, who's made a new home in London, will cover the next issue of FHM, and in a corresponding interview teased by The Daily Mail, she said she's gearing up to release a tell-all in which nothing will be completely off the table. Do we smell tales of Les Deux in our future?!


"It's got stuff about family, getting everything I've ever wished for, my descent into drugs and rehab and arrests," she explained. "Then stuff about 'The Hills,' 'Big Brother,' 'Made In Chelsea,' my brother, guys...I've been very honest."


And honesty seemed to be the name of the game, as Stephanie didn't mince words when comparing her life in Los Angeles to her expat adventures.

"Girls [in London] are way more reserved," she assessed. "Like, they still get totally wild, but they can keep it classy while they're doing it, whereas in the States, you'll catch us falling out of clubs barefoot." Hmm, the "Hills" ladies certainly had some rowdy outings, but we don't recall them slinging mud without cushy spikes beneath their heels...

Think you'll pick up a copy of Steph's book? Hold tight for late 2015, when she says it'll be released, and check out her full FHM interview when the issue hits newsstands on Thursday!