Watch This Guy Turn His Girlfriend's Shopping Trip Into A Dunk Contest

This is one way to prep for the Final Four.

Some guys take March Madness too far. Internet jokester Qias Omar is one of those guys.

Instead of making his girlfriend merely endure an endless stream of basketball games on television and the occasional bracket meltdown, Omar brought the action into real life, constantly dunking on her as she tried to get some shopping done at Target.

Using a bouncy playground ball, the shopping cart as a hoop and rocking his court gear, Omar proceeds to ball all over his lady, dunking on her, crossing her, boxing her out, using her as a backboard and dunking on her some more. To aid in the suspension of disbelief, he spliced in some soundbites from actual game action. Check it out below:

He manages to keep a straight face through most of it, but his significant other alternates between unfazed, annoyed and entertained, and eventually decides to D up.

Few significant others would allow themselves to be posterized this much -- in public, no less! -- so Omar's lucky she's the ultimate good sport.