Calling It Now: Vanessa Hudgens Has To Play Mulan

And other perfect fantasy cast picks.

Now that we've finally stopped running around in circles, squealing with ecstatic joy at the news that "Mulan" is getting a live-action remake, it's time to get down to the serious business of fantasy casting this epic piece of cinema.

In case you were Disney-deprived as a kid, "Mulan" tells the story of Fa Mulan, the famous woman warrior who disguised herself as a dude to serve in the Chinese army -- and because of its setting, subject matter, and Disney pedigree, this movie will have be a top-to-bottom showcase for amazing actors of East Asian descent who can also carry a tune. Who fits the bill? Let's start with the obvious.

  1. Harry Shum, Jr. as Li Shang

    The hunky "Glee" star can make a man out of me any time. ANY. TIME.

  2. Yoshua Sudarso as Yao

    To embody the physicality of the Stooge-like Yao -- who sports a perpetual black eye in the original animated "Mulan" -- trained stuntman Sudarso seems like an obvious choice.

  3. Godfrey Gao as Ling

    We'd love to see the "Mortal Instruments" actor as the long, lean, wisecracking soldier who becomes one of Mulan's closest friends.

  4. Taylor Wily as Chien-Po

    Admittedly, Wily is a little bit old to fill this role -- but come on, is there anyone in Hollywood who more perfectly looks the part?

  5. Eddie Murphy as Mushu

    Because the part of Mulan's dragon guardian will almost certainly be a digital performance, there is literally no reason why Eddie Murphy can't come out from wherever he's been hiding lately to reprise his role from the animated original.

  6. George Takei as The Emperor

    There's nobody we'd rather see dropping the Emperor's terrific gender-equality truthbomb than the marvelous Mr. Takei.

  7. Tadanobu Asano as Shan Yu

    You might know him best as the heroic Hogun from Thor's homeland of Asgard, but Asano is more than capable of putting on his Bad Guy pants to play the villainous, murderous Shan Yu.

  8. Ken Watanabe as Fa Zhou

    The "Godzilla" actor would be perfect to play Mulan's proud, stoic dad.

  9. And to play the leading lady? It must be Vanessa Hudgens.

    Not only is Vanessa of Chinese descent by way of the Phillipines -- meaning that she could theoretically be distantly related to the real, actual Mulan -- but we know that she can carry a singing, dancing, family-friendly juggernaut of a movie with one hand tied behind her back. Sorry, Vanessa: You can't be done as a Disney heroine until you've belted out "Reflection" for an international audience of millions.