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These Beliebers Just Couldn’t Belieb What Was Happening At Justin’s Roast

These kids just don't know what to Belieb anymore.

We knew it was going to be a rough night for the Justin Bieber faithful, but we had no idea Comedy Central's roast of the tween idol was going to be this big of a blow to Belieber nation.

Seeing JB take one-two-ten punches where it really hurts (that is, his pride) all night got these Biebs superfans in a Twitter tizzy.

Beliebers had already asked pretty please with a cherry on top for Kevin Hart and company to xnay on the elenaSay, but that only fanned the flames.

And they couldn't understand how he could handle all. the. mean.

Beliebers couldn't understand how their precious angel (who actually showed up with wings on him, natch) could handle the intense cruelty that was this evening.

And some weren't so hot on the panelists lined up to flay their bae.

To be fair, Martha Stewart is typically geared to a different demographic.

Or how someone could go there about his mom.

They did stab deep with those ones, so to speak (hint: it involved a coat hanger).

... Or his dad.

'Cause ouch. Daddy issues are too cruel for school.

Or the ex for that matter.

Even though she wasn't there, Selena Gomez was the butt of many a roast joke.

Meanwhile, this gal didn't appreciate that potshot to Beliebers.

Let the fandemonium commence.

While this one chose to fight back.

Get 'em.

And this one issued a point of correction.


And this guy ... well, he just wanted it to be over already.


A lot of people were hurt. Like, bad.

Just turn it off already.

But some people chose to the bright side of the night: Bieber's pink striped socks.

No, really. They were bright.

And then when he got his moment of payback, they were going nuts.

Now, that is happiness.

Way to hang in there, Beliebers.