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Justin Bieber's Roast Reactions Are Making Our Lives

Roasted Biebs is especially GIFable.

The joke was definitely on Justin Bieber tonight as Comedy Central's roast finally hit the airwaves in all its humiliating glory.

With a night full of chuckles and jaw drops made almost entirely at the Biebs' expense, we were so much more excited to watch his reactions to each and every juicy ego-uppercut than anything else Monday (March 30) had to offer.

'Cause Bieber's poker face, it was not always present for his skewering. Nah uh.

The fact is, JB gave us plenty of virally commemorable faces throughout the show, and we had a darn good time rounding up our favorites.

Please do enjoy this bounty of the night's wonderful sights of Bieber as he got flayed (again and again and again) by his panel of roasters.

It all started with his, erm, angelic entry, which clearly did not shock him.

Maybe he had a Red Bull?

Of course, his landing was a little ... abrupt.

But then he was welcomed with a legit gospel chorus, led by roast host Kevin Hart no less, which def got him into the spirit.


And that totally helped him hold onto his poster permagrin for an impressive amount of time.

Seriously, the smile was strong with that one.

And he'd sip on his cool, refreshing beverage like 'What? I'm good.'

Was that water?

He even agreed with some of the jokes (ahem*) now and again.

*E.g., the one about how he broke up with a certain someone because she grew a mustache before him.

But he couldn't keep his composure all night.

The funny was just too strong for him to resist.

Even he was doubled over with giggle-age.

And he kinda did the outta the chair LOLOL thing.

And his "did she really just" glance after the Martha Stewart punchline.

Was that interest or surprise? You be the judge.

And then when Will Ferrell came out as Ron Burgundy and compliment-insulted him, he lost it.

He literally fist-pumped with glee. As one does.

Mostly, he just tried to play along and save face.

Of course, we should note that the Biebs did bite back at the tail-end of his ribbing. Perhaps his best reaction all night was when he took his turn at the podium and did a mic drop like so: "I'm new to comedy but here's a joke. What do you get when you give a teenager 200 million dollars? A bunch of has beens calling him a lesbian for two hours." Burn.

And then he ended it with a monkey on his back (because Bieber fever?) and giving an inspirational - albeit rehearsed - apology and promise to be on his best behavior.

Needless to say, we're starting to really Belieb in this guy. Oh!