Neil Krug / Complex

A$AP Rocky Is Coming Out With A Denim Collection

Complex just released another fire interactive cover story, this time centered around A$AP Rocky. Joe La Puma goes in on the new album, experiencing Rocky in the studio, in his own home, and generally, what's coming up for him as an artist. He and Complex hint at but are sworn to secrecy about a big fashion project on the horizon for Pretty Flacko: a major fashion collaboration with an "iconic denim brand."

Neil Krug / Complex

Since his breakout with "Peso," Rocky's fashion prowess has been discussed almost directly hand-in-hand with his skills as an MC. On top of a bunch of modeling (umm, hi, they don't call him "Pretty Flacko" for nothing!), he's done a streewear collab with Black Scale and a sneaker collab with Jeremy Scott. While he's previously said he'll never do his own clothing line, the idea of teaming up with an established brand has never been out of the question.

Thankfully, even though Complex has to keep things cryptic, they still give a little peek into what Rocky's design process looks like:

We head into the meeting. It looks like a department store exploded on the floor of the otherwise chic apartment; mood boards are everywhere. Executives stand around, and before long, they’re pitching Rocky on various pieces of clothing. As acid-washed jackets and denim bombers are being shown to him, Rocky chews on Sour Straws from a nearby snack spread, and begins replying to the pieces he’s shown in rapid-fire succession:

"Yes." "No." "No." "Not feeling that." "Change the paneling on that." "Move the logo here." "Keep it simple—it's more about the lifestyle, not me." "Too modern." "No, we need to be more precise for the women." "That's good." "No."

Over the course of this series of exchanges, everyone in the room watches Rocky, hanging onto his every word to an obsessive, almost comical degree, as though they’re receiving the divine instructions, taking notes both mental and literal on everything he says. This goes on for a solid 90 minutes.

I mean... Come on, Joe. I know you're joking, but you can't say you wouldn't listen to the style opinion of a man that looks like this in clothes:

Neil Krug / Complex

The question that remains, though, is WHICH brand gets to pick his brain and slap his name alongside their label? Well, Complex can't speculate (partly because they were "sworn to secrecy," mostly because they already know), but I can, and I'm willing to bet money it's with Australian denim label Ksubi, which Rocky has been a fan of for years.

Rocky's been known to sport Saint Laurent denim as well, but I don't know if I'd describe Saint Laurent as an "iconic denim brand." That's no slight to SLP; it's just way more than that. Plus, Rocky has been touting his love of Ksubi, not just for his own wear, but on women, too. That last bit is important and definitely supported by La Puma's account of the meeting.

Unfortunately, we can't know for sure at this time, but you better believe we'll be keeping our eyes peeled as details unfold.