20 Lessons 'Tommy Boy' Taught You About Living Like A Maniac

Join us in revisiting the Chris Farley classic, 20 years later.

Today (March 31) marks 20 years since the release of "Tommy Boy," the Chris Farley and David Spade comedy classic that introduced the world to Prehistoric Forest, the niche market sport known as "cow-tipping," and the groundbreaking revelation that M&Ms are protected by a thin candy shell. (Surprised you didn't know that.)

When "Tommy Boy" hit, I was a chubby ten-year-old with a chubby ten-year-old best friend. We were laughed at, we were picked on, but at least we had each other — and a couple years later, when we were old enough to know about it, we had "Tommy Boy." Farley's big, bloated, larger-than-life antics gave us huge laughs from someone we could connect with in a big way. Tommy Callahan taught us that you could be a big dumb animal, and still use some part of your inherent charm and skills to get out there and save the day.

As the years have worn on, my friend has thinned out and now more closely resembles David Spade's Richard, albeit without the wig. Me? I'm still that chubby ten-year-old, inside and out. Blame it on the bear claws I used to grab as a kid, two at a time, and get them lodged right in this region here. But both he and I hang onto the big laughs and even bigger lessons we learned from watching "Tommy Boy" every single week for years. It taught us to be cool with who we are, and most importantly, how to live life like a maniac, maaaaaaniac, on the floor — and it goes a little something like this:

  1. Watch where you're going.
  2. Observe everything.
  3. Always ask the tough questions.
  4. Sing like you mean it.
  5. Never be afraid to confront your heroes.
  6. Never be afraid to confront your enemies.
  7. Never be afraid to try new clothes.
  8. Have a flare for the dramatic.
  9. Know your limits.
  10. Appreciate what's right in front of you.
  11. Don't know the answer? Improvise.
  12. Bring passion to everything.
  13. Let yourself feel the fear.
  14. Let yourself feel the stress.
  15. Take your time.
  16. Stand by your friends.
  17. Stand by your family.
  18. Hug everyone.
  19. Love life.
  20. And as for the people who don't love you? Well…

    You know what to do.