Everything We Know About 'Fear The Walking Dead' From That 15-Second Teaser

The 'Walking Dead' prequel takes aim at the origins of the zombie apocalypse.

Last night's "The Walking Dead" finale brought fans the first hotly-anticipated look at "Fear the Walking Dead," the spinoff series set in the same world as our favorite zombie drama.

"Fear the Walking Dead" promises to fill in the blanks about what-all was going on while Rick Grimes lay comatose in a hospital room in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. And while last night's teaser was a mere 15 seconds long, it was actually chock full of useful information about what to expect when the series debuts. Here's everything we know so far.

  1. We have a setting.

    If the palm trees and stucco in the opening shot didn't clue you into the show's location, the helpful voice-over by a drive-time DJ chirping, "Morning, Los Angeles!" leaves no doubt as to where the action is taking place.

  2. So that's how the zombie plague started.

    Although we don't see patient zero in this teaser, the voice-over offers an explanation as to how the zombie virus managed to run so rampant without anyone ever sounding the alarm about walking, biting corpses. Apparently, at the beginning, the plague looked like a regional epidemic of ordinary influenza.

  3. And you can probably guess who's to blame.

    We can't help noticing that this prequel story is set in California, where the failure to vaccinate has already resulted in a statewide outbreak of measles. Coincidence, or a savvy setup for a storyline in which anti-vaxxers are the direct cause of the zombie apocalypse?

  4. Expect biology!

    Any good origin story about a zombie plague will have to delve into the biological origins of the virus. We're not sure exactly how or when they'll do it, but that wiggly cellular motif on the title screen can only mean one thing: This show contains SCIENCE STUFF.

  5. Also, doctors!

    Again, we're already expecting to see "Fear the Walking Dead" exploring the early days of the zombie virus and the efforts (ultimately doomed, natch) of researchers to stop it. Which researchers? How about these researchers, hanging out in their white coats on a staircase outside what is likely a hospital?

  6. The hipsters died first.

    Finally, we know why the indie rock-loving, ironic t-shirt-wearing, artisanal-pickling crowd is so conspicuously absent from the world of "The Walking Dead": The zombie plague hit them right where they live, at farmers' markets.

  7. The wait is nearly over.

    Summer 2015? You guys. YOU GUYS. That's only three months away! [Puts on "Walking Dead" party mix, commences elegant dance of victory.]


  8. And yes, there will be walking deads.

    Some fans were worried that "Fear the Walking Dead," with its pre-apocalypse timeline, might suffer from a disappointing lack of actual walking dead to fear. We shouldn't have worried: Even though we can't see the face of this fellow, seen lurching through a dusty underpass, his shuffling gait and trademark gargling noises give him away. Zombies, ho!