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Here Are Audrina Patridge's Best Pole Dancing Moves (Complete With Hair Flips)

The former 'Hills' star took a very special fitness class.

Audrina Patridge is a California girl through and through, but her latest adventure has made quite an impression a little bit east of The Golden State.

The former "Hills" star, who's traveling the world as host of NBC's "1st Look" (check out her jockey adventures if you haven't already), recently filmed a segment for an upcoming episode in Las Vegas, and though late-night buffets and games of Omaha High-Low presumably tempted her, it was a certain class -- Pole Fitness, to be exact -- that ultimately left her captivated.

Yup, Audrina put it all out there during the exceedingly sexy tutorial, and her twists, twirls and hair flips had us convinced she should consider moonlighting as a Cirque du Soleil understudy. Simply no denying it: The girl has got moves.

Look at some consummate Audrina-dancing moments from the routine below, and catch her on "1st Look" on NBC after "Saturday Night Live."

The 'I'm Just Getting Started'

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Don't show all your cards at once, kids.

The Hip-Flexin' Freestyle

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The Spinny Seduction

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Try looking the other way when you see this on the d-floor.

Hair flip

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Sometimes, a classic gets the job done.