The 17 Most Creative Bikinis Of Ultra 2015

Here's how to look hot... while staying cool.

Ultra Music Festival is all about dance music. From Skrillex to Hardwell to Martin Garrix and eight stages, there's never a break in the music -- which means you'll be busting a move... a lot of moves.

Combine that nonstop dancing with the intense Miami sun, and you've got a recipe for sweat.

That's why you don't see many shirts at Ultra. You don't see much of any clothing, to be honest. So how do you stay fashionable when you're wearing as little as possible? We found some bikini killahs who primped up their bathing suits and are staying cool.

Here are the most creative bikinis of Ultra 2015:

  1. Ciara and Eliza opted for lace and bright blue feathers.

    Ciara and Eliza

  2. A cute panda top? Nice.


  3. Jessica went all-American with her top.

    Jessica and Mikey

  4. It may be a tiny bikini, but there's some intricate beading in there.

    Katherine and Guillermo

  5. Neon, rainbow and kandi. It's what it's all about, right?


  6. Cat ears, feathers, sequins, tutu -- these ladies have the bikini game down.

    Jackie, Jenna, Lauren, Kate and Jess

  7. Delilah and Jane matched in neon green.

    Delilah and Jane

  8. Ok, I know this is a one-piece, but look! It's a kitty!

    Alison and Kaylene

  9. Paulina decked out her bikini top by draping herself in beads.

    Paulina and Devin

  10. Jackie asked me if I wanted to see something crazy. I said yes.


  11. It's daytime now, but at night, Brandy's top will light up.


  12. This wild west outfit is complete with fringe and boots!

    Ashley and Brooks

  13. Bikinis at the Worldwide Stage!

    Sloane, Derin and Zach

  14. I'm pretty sure Victoria had real roses on her top... at least they looked real.

    Victoria, Josh, Fransico and David

  15. Meredith and Sarah weren't wearing two-pieces, but they transformed their pool-ready attire into rave-ready outfits.

    Meredith and Sarah

  16. Glitter, glitter and more glitter.

    Talia and Taylor

  17. I caught Lisa wearing a devil outfit yesterday, but this time, she was an angel. Way to go all out!


Here's Lisa's devil costume from yesterday: