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Here's Why Laidback Luke's 1-Year-Old Is A True 'Ultra Baby'

Happy birthday, baby girl!

With reporting by Andrew Maclean

She's only a year old, but Laidback Luke's daughter is already going to Ultra Music Festival. The DJ told MTV News that he brought along his baby girl to Miami for the three-day dance fest.

Luke missed the festival last year because baby EvaLina was being born (seems like a pretty good reason to stay home). But this year, the family is back -- Luke, baby and wife DJ Gina Turner. And guess what? That means it's EvaLina's first birthday today!

"We brought her into Miami, so she's like an Ultra baby," Luke told us before his set on Saturday. "We're celebrating."

Since he missed last year's Ultra, it means that 2015's set will be extra special.

"To be back with this type of crowd with this type of energy on the Worldwide stage, which I really love, is amazing," he said.

Luke admits that he likes to stay busy when he's not performing. He's a big kung fu guy. Just take a look at his Insta:

"I actually schedule my relax time -- which could be kung fu or listening to promos -- it actually all blends in for me," Luke said. "Luckily, I get my energy form the kung fu and leading a healthy life, so it's all good."