31 Craziest Costumes At Ultra 2015: See The Pics!

I met everyone from a squirrel to Jesus.

When it comes to Ultra Music Festival, prepare yourself for bikinis. Prepare yourself for shirtless dudes. Prepare yourself for shirtless dudettes. Prepare for the weirdest outfits you've ever seen.

MTV News was on the ground for the dance music fest, and wow. I saw a lot of creative kids out there. From Pikachus to squirrels to a pair of popes, I tried to document all the craziness going down in Miami.

Here are the most outrageous costumes at Ultra 2015:

  1. When it comes to these guys, *praise hands* emojis all around.

    Michael and Matt

  2. EDM makes her want to belly dance, and she came dressed appropriately.


  3. Color coordination is key, especially when you're donning faux fur.

    Isabela and Rafaella

  4. Won't be hard to point this Waldo out in the crowd.


  5. 'Merica.

    Samantha, Sara and Julia

  6. I'm hungry.


  7. Of course, you can't have a hot dog and not have a taco. Add pizza and you'd get the holy trinity.


  8. All Pikachu everything.

    Sam and Anthony

  9. Bulbasaur was here too.


  10. Cheetah girl, cheetah sistaaaaaa.


  11. These tutus were so adorable!

    Courtney and Samantha

  12. Grumpy cat ice cream cone and Chuckie Finster around your neck? Nailed it.

    Charlie and Arce

  13. Canadian pasties. And that's it.

    Veronica, Cindria and Katie

  14. Meeeoooow. When in doubt about what to wear to Ultra, just dress like a cat. Or are you a mouse? Hmm.

    Melissa, Stefani and Carly

  15. Found him, you guys. Superman showed up.


  16. Don't know which one came first.

    Carlos and Andrew

  17. Where do I get this kitten bikini?


  18. Jose wrote "MIAMI" in his hair. HIS HAIR.


  19. Going full-on banana is always an option.


  20. Cute wittle bumble bee.


  21. I was slightly terrified to meet Lisa, but turns out, she's a sweet devil.


  22. Rave fairy.


  23. Hey, Jesus showed up! And an angel too. #blessed.

    Christine and Bobby

  24. Did someone say "fire"? No one? OK.


  25. Alison spread her wings and almost flew away she was so happy.


  26. Dinos do exist.


  27. Full-body Japanese kimono life.


  28. This chick dressed as Pluto. She even had the little tail and everything!


  29. Growl power!


  30. This squirrel was a dancing maniac!


  31. Matching blazers with your BFF is always a good idea.

    Sebastian and Messa