GTA Were On A 'Strict Pear Diet' Before Remixing Rick Ross

The Miami DJ duo tell us what it was like getting a shout-out from Rozay for their 'Movin' Bass' remix.

With reporting by Andrew Maclean

When Miami DJ duo GTA approached Rick Ross with a remix of his "Movin' Bass," they had no idea he was going to love it so quickly.

"The fact that the first thing we did, the first thing we had, he loved it, signed off on, it was like, unreal," Van Toth and JWLS told us after after their set at Ultra Music Festival Friday night. Earlier this month, the two producers took the Hood Billionaire track -- which features Jay Z -- stripped it of its original production and added a sinister trap beat. The remix truly is fit for a boss; it's no surprise that the rapper promoted it right away.

"Rick Ross, he's like a Miami legend. We have the upmost respect for Ross and Jay especially," they said. "Just being able to do a remix for such a don like, we're from Miami and Ross is from Miami. I love all of his music. He's like one of my favorite rappers, so it's just an honor to be able to remix him. The fact that he shouted us out on Twitter too is pretty tight."

Rozay had some sweet -- and concise -- words for the guys, spreading the 305 love on Twitter.

GTA have made quite a name for themselves: they've toured with Rihanna in 2013, and at Ultra this weekend, they played the Korea stage. They just released their Death To Genres, Vol. 1 EP on Monday through Warner Bros. But they told us that the successful Ross remix is "one of the biggest things we've ever wanted to do."

So how were they able to slay "Movin' Bass"?

"We were on a strict pear diet for about two months before we did that remix."