9 'Challenge' Competitors Who Came ThisClose To Victory...But Failed In The Final Mission

Remember when Kenny carried Wes up that mountain?

Reaching a "Challenge" final is an amazing feat, but completing the arduous and demanding task is an entirely different story.

During the season finale of "Battle of the Exes 2," past "EX-plosion" sweethearts Jay and Jenna walked away from the game after the DJ couldn't gulp a revolting seafood cocktail during the "Don't Flip Your Lid" checkpoint.

A tongue-lashing reserved for quitters from host TJ Lavin aside, the rookies were hardly the first to have major difficulty reaching, or continuing toward, the finish line during the series' unbelievable 26-season run. In honor of Janna bowing out of the Norway extravaganza, here's a look back at nine folks/teams that struggled more than the average competitor during the extremely physically demanding eleventh hour:

  1. Coral from "The Gauntlet"

    Who knew that an innocent bathroom break in the woods would be so damn costly? The "Real World" team member suffered a devastating spider bite -- C is deathly allergic to the pesky arachnids -- and halfway through the Telluride adventure, she went into anaphylactic shock and was eliminated. And it cost her former roomie Mike "The Miz" -- as well as Norman, Alton and Nathan -- the grand prize for the "Road Rules" gang.

  2. Eric from "The Gauntlet 3"

    Poor Big Easy's collapse severely hurt his fellow Veterans. Even though the powerhouse group -- comprised of Evelyn, Paula, Robin, Brad Adam, CT, Diem, Kenny and Evan -- were able to come from behind and locate their flag ahead of the Rookies during the last leg, they were all disqualified because of the "Fresh Meat" competitor's removal from the Mexican Riviera-based battlefield.

  3. Abram from "Cutthroat"

    The Grey Team's trusty leader needed to be medically lifted from the Prague course, and the crew was forced to move on without him.

  4. Sarah from "Cutthroat"

    Déjà vu much? Shortly after A was pulled from action, the newly crowned champ started puking out of nowhere and doctors deemed she couldn't continue with Laurel, Cara Maria and Luke.

  5. Jenn and Mandi from "Rivals"

    The "Fresh Meat 2" enemies were DQ'ed after failing to build a tent during one phase of the race, and producers deemed it was too dark -- and dangerous -- for them to keep going in Argentina.

  6. Wes from "Rivals"

    The "Duel" victor developed an unbelievable golf ball-sized contraction and couldn't help but scream out in pain. So Mr. Beautiful took matters into his own hands and carried Wes on his back. The hothead duo eventually settled for the No. 2 spot behind erstwhile "Real World: Key West" casties Johnny Bananas and Tyler.

  7. Mike from "Rivals"

    The newbie didn't think he could physically handle the demanding hike and was worried for his well-being. His former Sin City roomie Leroy and TJ Lavin appreciated M's honesty, and the duo left Patagonia with no cash.

  8. CT from "Battle of the Exes"

    The Bostonian may have handled "Bambi's head" and the rest of the Viking delicacies with no issues, but he struggled scaling an Icelandic mountain. He and his "Duel" girlfriend Diem lost their lead in the snowy climate and settled for second place behind Johnny Bananas and Camila.

  9. Zach from "Free Agents"

    The vet completely cracked during the mountain climb, declaring he was through and fearing that he might die. Ultimately, though, he was able to charge on and settled for the bronze medal.

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