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Audrina Patridge Is Transforming Into A Bona Fide Southern Belle (Hat Included)

The 'Hills' star would fit right in at the Kentucky Derby!

There was a time when Audrina Patridge's choice mode of transport was the rear end of Justin "Bobby" Brescia's chopper, but these days, she might be more likely to travel by horseback.

"The Hills" star, who's been afforded some really cool travel opportunities as the host of NBC's "1st Look," traveled down to Kentucky recently to get into the thick of racing culture, and between specialty cocktails, trips to jockey school and one hell of a fascinator, we're convinced she's now more debutante than Valley Girl.

"I had no idea how much horses absolutely love peppermint until this trip here," Audrina mused through social media during her investigation. And, expanding on her revelations, she also learned how to become a verifiable animal midwife. "Just so happened I was lucky enough to help deliver another foal this year!!:)" she captioned the video above. Another feather in her novelty hat!

Naturally, no trip to the races would have been complete without a traditional Mint Julep but, never one for convention, Audrina made sure to order the cocktail with a jalapeño twist. "#newderbydrinkfav," she wrote with the mouthwatering image below.

Whaddya think of Audrina's new identity as a Southern Belle? Sound off, and catch her "1st Look" Derby episode in May!