Will Jon Hamm Go From 'Mad Men' To 'Walking Dead'?

When 'Mad Men' ends, there's a big, bad 'Walking Dead' role with Hamm's name all over it.

With Reporting by Nicole Pajer

Right now, "The Walking Dead" is without a clear villain — unless you count Rick Grimes, really, what with his unbelievably awkward, blood-soaked and crazy-eyed freak-out session at the end of last week's episode. But that's likely to change very soon, what with the mysterious people living out in the woods, carving W's into walker foreheads, and dismembering people for who-knows-what reason.

There's another reason to believe that "Walking Dead" will introduce a new villain soon, too, based on what we know about the comics. Without spoiling too much, there's a baseball-bat-wielding bad guy named Negan who makes the Governor look like a teddy bear. Fans of the comics have been clamoring for Negan's arrival for seasons now, and based on the show's current events, it looks like he might not be too far away.

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But who should play Negan? That's always a question on fans' minds, because it's a big, nasty role with big, nasty dialogue. It requires a real showstopper, someone who can waltz right into "The Walking Dead" and steal the show from all the other incredible actors around him.

Well, we have a favorite pick here in the MTV News room: Jon Hamm of "Mad Men." We suggested the actor as Negan when we spoke with "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman last year, and he agreed: "I think Jon Hamm would be perfect." Of course, Hamm would be hard to get, Kirkman said, given his prediction of "a Tom Hanks level film career" once "Mad Men" ends.

Still, we couldn't help but ask Hamm's take when we caught up with him ahead of the final "Mad Men" season premiere. When we told him that Kirkman said he'd be perfect for Negan, Hamm turned right toward the camera and spoke directly to the "Walking Dead" mad man: "Robert, call me!"

"I've met Robert quite a few times, and he's a lovely guy," said Hamm. "I think he's done wonders with that show. I know it's very close to him, obviously."

Sounds like a match made in zombie-apocalypse-heaven then, right? Well, maybe not. Hamm went on to say he's "always very nervous whenever anyone says, 'do this,' or 'do that.' I'm like, 'Okay!' That's why I'm in 100 things all the time. I always say yes."

In other words, if the right people asked Hamm to play Negan, maybe he would do it? "It would be fun, that's for sure," he said. For now, that'll have to be enough, until we find out for sure who's playing Negan, and until we find out for sure when the head-crushing mad man will make his debut.