Daniel Boczarski/ Getty Images

Jack Antonoff Adds His Spin To A Beatles Classic: Listen

hear Bleachers cover "Dear Prudence."

Jack Antonoff's project Bleachers has recorded a cover of the Beatles' classic "Dear Prudence," and the result is wacky and wonderful.

After recording the track in his North Carolina hotel room (perhaps after hosting The Woodies?), Antonoff wrote on his Facebook: "there is nothing more direct and perfect than the lyric 'I’m lonely / want to die.' perfect. the pace the drums are at and the angry guitars literally feel like the lyrics themselves. it’s by far the most inventive song with a blue progression of all time. no matter what place I’m emotionally in, this song brings me all the way down. that’s amazing."

We couldn't agree more. Check out this beautiful and bizarre version of "Dear Prudence" below.