Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher Is Back To His Old Ways In This Video: Watch

ah, memories.

Once upon a time, Ashton Kutcher was the ultimate King of All Pranks. As the host of MTV's "Punk'd," he reigned supreme over all the land, and celebrities lived in fear of his wrath. Now, he's more famous for (maybe?) marrying Mila Kunis and creating a perfect little mini-human, but in this clip for Australian electronics company Lenovo, he's back back to old habits.

In the video, Ashton dons a disguise and unleashes his prank fury onto some unsuspecting shoppers. Adopting an Australian accent that's (semi) passable, the actor has the store's customers feeling visibly uncomfortable while snuggling, arm-wrestling, and making sexual innuendos.

While it's far from Ashton's trucker hat glory days, it's nice to see him back in the pranking saddle. Ah, memories.