Can Rihanna Dance Like The Aliens From 'Home'? We Asked Her

Rihanna, Jim Parsons and Steve Martin talk their new movie "Home."

In case you've missed all of the joyfully musical, brightly colored previews, know that Rihanna's new animated flick "Home" is all about a group of crazy-ass aliens. Aliens like Jim Parsons' Oh, a member of the Boov tribe that takes over planet Earth, leaving Rih's character, Tip, separated from everyone in her family -- except for Pig the cat, of course.

But even though the Boov are rude, Rih, Parsons and Steve Martin agree that real life aliens are going to come in peace -- and hopefully, they'll have some of the sweet, awkward dance moves that occasionally take over the six-legged Boov.

"Oh's [moves] are pretty cool," Rihanna said, combating MTV News' statement that they were exactly the opposite.

"Oh's moves are fantastic, he's just upset by them," Parsons added of his character's groove. "He's traumatized, and not in control of them."

As for whether or not Rih has any Boov-like moves of her own -- well, the answer is a firm "no."

"I'd need a couple more legs first," she explained.

For more information on the cast of "Home" -- including how the gang really feels about life on Mars -- check out the video below, and be sure to watch "Home" when it hits theaters on March 27.