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We're Ready To See These Actors In 'Ready Player One'

Slip on that haptic suit.

Warning: Major "Ready Player One" spoilers ahead.

It looks like the "Ready Player One" movie is finally, finally happening, with Steven Spielberg on board to direct the long anticipated adaptation of Ernest Cline's hit novel. The pop culture reference-packed story is set in the future and follows a teenage boy, Wade, in his adventures through a massive virtual reality on what boils down to an incredibly complex treasure hunt, the winner of which will be unspeakably rich and will be in control of the virtual reality universe, the OASIS.

Without knowing how Spielberg is going to deal with the virtual reality aspect of the movie -- will he use the same actors who play the real-world people as CGI guides for the OASIS elements when possible? Will the virtual world be totally animated? -- we've made our best guesses for casting. In most cases, the real-world versions of the characters look at least somewhat similar to their avatars, or at least close enough that CGI and makeup can fix it. (With one hugely notable exception, of course. If you don't know who that is, please shut your browser and pick up the book.)

Here's a dream cast for "Ready Player One."

  • Wade
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    Wade, the hero of our story, is the most important bit of casting. He has to gain and lose weight, complete virtual reality challenges as Parzival and even go completely hairless in his real-world form. Oh, and did we mention he needs to be an average-looking teen dude? Our vote is in for Nicholas Hoult, who has proved his versatility for years in films as varied as "Warm Bodies," the "X-Men" franchise and "About A Boy." Get into that haptic suit, kid.

  • Art3mis
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    We would love to see ray of sunshine "Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez explore her feisty side more as Art3mis and real-world Samantha. G-Rod kicking ass and taking names? Yes, please.

  • Aech

    The mysterious, handsome BFF of Wade's Parzival is a clean-cut action hero type. Might Dylan O'Brien be perfect for the job? We think yes, and we would like an invite to The Basement now.

  • Helen Harris
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    Remember the teen that Liz Lemon hallucinated as Oprah on that episode of "30 Rock"? Raven Goodwin would be an amazing reveal as Helen, Aech's real-world identity.

  • James Halliday
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    Just accept it and move on: James Urbaniak would be perfect to play the mysterious king nerd, James Halliday. Can you picture anyone else now? Nope.

  • Ogden Morrow
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    If you're looking for someone to play an earthy dude who opted out of the big game to retire to Oregon -- but still throw the sickest party in OASIS -- look no further than Jeff Bridges. The dude abides, even in OASIS.

  • Nolan Sorrento
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    The head of IOI and the arch-nemesis of Wade and Co., Nolan Sorrento needs to be a smooth-talking dude so perfect that you can't help but hate him and his army of indentured Gunters. In other words, Chris Pine. He's so handsome that it hurts my insides, and I'd love to see him try and sweet-talk Wade into working with IOI. Come to the dark side, Chris!

  • Daito
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    Ki Hong Lee would be an amazing Daito, the older of the two "brothers." He's been everywhere from "The Maze Runner" to "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," and we'd love to see him jump into the OASIS.

  • Shoto
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    And, of course, you can't have Daito without his Shoto, and "Big Hero 6" voice star Ryan Potter deserves his shot to play the littler "brother" who rounds out the High Five.