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OMG, What Are Selena Gomez And Nat Wolff Secretly Collaborating On?!

Sel has us all hot and bothered with this very cryptic tweet...

OK, so Selena Gomez and Zedd’s killer club banger “I Want You To Know” obviously proves that they’re a musical match made in heaven. But we need to talk about another man in Sel’s life who’s proving to be just as stellar of a creative collaborator when he teams up with the 22-year-old beauty.


That’s right, we’re talking about Nat Wolff.

Nat and Selena previously starred opposite one another in the 2014 comedy “Behaving Badly.” Then last week, it was announced that they would both be appearing in the upcoming James Franco-directed drama “In Dubious Battle.”

Yay for more Natlena on-screen chemistry!


But that doesn’t appear to be the only project they have up their sleeves. On Wednesday night (March 25), Sel tweeted a super cute photo of her and Nat, cryptically explaining that they’re working on something together and to “stay tuned for mo!!”

Judging by the guitar in Nat’s hand and his and Selena’s shared passion of music, we’re thinking the multi-talented pair may be cooking up a collaboration in the studio. After all, Selena’s fourth album is in the works, and Nat’s a noted musician in his own right — he and his brother Alex have several killer folky tunes under their belts.

Nat’s acoustic, indie style of singing and songwriting is a far cry from “I Want You To Know,” which makes it a little hard to imagine what a Sel/Nat track would sound like. However, Selena has already revealed that we can expect to hear “a little darkness” on her forthcoming album. Could that possibly allude to a down-tempo, guitar-driven track she whipped up with Nat?

But if they’re not actually working on a new tune for Selena’s album, another dream scenario we have for their hinted collaboration is a song for this summer’s highly anticipated “Paper Towns,” which stars Nat opposite Cara Delevingne. Judging by its apparent similarities to last year’s “The Fault in Our Stars” (both are adapted from John Green novels, both star Nat, and both share the same script writers) we’re guessing “Paper Towns” is bound to have an equally awesome soundtrack. How cool would it be if Selena and Nat crafted a duet for the film — perhaps a love song for Margo Roth Spiegelman?!

Whatever this mysterious duo is up to, we have no doubt it’ll be worth the wait and the painfully teasing tweets.

Now it’s your turn to guess — what do you think Selena and Nat are working on together? Sound off in the comments below!