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8 Celebrities That Creep On Your Tumblr

Pete Wentz may be leaving anon messages in your ask box.

By Jessica Norton

While we're drooling over One Direction edits and connecting with deep, anonymously written quotes, some celebrities are actually doing ... the same thing -- scrolling through their Tumblr dashboards reblogging artsy photos, geeking out over cats and responding to "asks." No gimmicky, promotional posts or press releases -- just genuine, thought-provoking texts and LOL-worthy posts connecting with the Tumblr community and their fandoms.

Here are some celebs who totes get it and do more than just post their Instagram selfies or album release dates. P.S.: They may just follow you back (we're looking at you, Taylor Swift.)

  1. Taylurking v. The act of Taylor Swift hard-core creeping on fans' social media accounts. "I cyber-stalk because I care," she has confessed. T. Swift is notorious for tracking down Tumblr followers IRL (to surprise them and take a selfie!) and often reblogs videos of babies singing. Who doesn't love that?

  2. Follow Hayley for glam-punk fashion, reblogs of Paramore fan art, empowering quotes about being a kick-ass lady and live concert GIFs (Hayley's head-banging, for the win!)

  3. From pre-red carpet porta potty stops to getting real about her relationships, Debby expresses herself in photo and text posts, reaching out to fans and giving them a glimpse inside of her world.

  4. "I started my tumblr Mixtapes and Winter Coats because I wanted to share my late night ramblings and feels, such as talking to my cat at 2 AM, with all of you. That blog evolved into my book, THIS MAY SOUND CRAZY," Abigail said in a press release for her upcoming book, to be published in October 2015. "I hope when you read it, you'll see that you are not alone even when you're wondering when it's ok to text your crush first, which is the most terrifying situation ever."

  5. Lorde is actually Internet royalty. On November 21, 2012, she joked, "I’m lorde. go get the music that i make ! you can listen to it all here, and download ROYALS for free. the rest you’ll have to fight for x x." She personally responds to fan concerns, addressing things like being cool with Kim K and her lipstick line with MAC.

  6. "Look on Kylie's blog. She writes all these quotes, she has the cutest sayings. You have to look at her Tumblr, it's so her soul," big sis Kim Kardashian gushed on an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." Kylie's lavish, streamlined, fashion-based Tumblr even includes pictures of sister Kendall modeling.

  7. "I like to think I live in a world of peaches and rainbows. What I post is what I like/feel in that moment ... here I go," Shay wrote on her first Tumblr post in May 2011. The "Pretty Little Liars" star, whose life is basically a never-ending vacay (have you seen her Instagram?) blogs photos of Beyoncé, tropical seascapes and festival fashion.

  8. When he's not onstage with Fall Out Boy or hanging with his adorable sons, Bronx and Saint, Wentz reblogs Game of Thrones GIFS, memes, pop-punk graphics and FOB photos.