Which 'Challenge' Contestant Shut Down The 'Exes' House With A Case Of Ringworm?

It wasn't just fights and The Dome that had these competitors stressed!

"Challenge" competitors will fight through fear, pain and inclement weather to stay in tip-top shape during the game, but we now officially know of one thing that'll halt the training circuit: ringworm.

Between game days on "Battle of the Exes 2" this season, it seems that one contestant came down with an unfortunate case of the infamous fungal infection. And in a clip from the "The S#!& They Should Have Shown" special below, the cast reels while recalling Nia's battle with dermatophytosis, which had her housemates worried they were at risk for similar skin rings.

"Our entire house has to be sanitized," Sarah says as she reflects on the panic. "They shut down the gym, they shut down the pool!"

And though some of the cast tried to sympathize with Nia, Zach, who had a pied-à-terre in the weight room, was none too pleased with the exercise room's temporary closing. And Nia's "Real World" roommate Jordan wasn't really in her corner, either.

"Put a shirt on, that's disgusting," he spits. "Call me an assh**e, call me whatever."

Check out the video for some troubling memories, and tell us what you thought of last night's "Challenge" finale!