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Who Is Charles DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars?'

Questions? We have a few.

As with most things on "Pretty Little Liars," the most recent "A" reveal left us with even more questions. Who is this Charles DiLaurentis, and what is his deal?

Is it possible to get permanent brain damage from overthinking all of the clues in "Pretty Little Liars?" Because if so, we're going to need a room in Radley ASAP.

Jokes aside, the season five finale was one of the show's best episodes to date. Not only did it set up a super compelling storyline for season six, it kicked the romance to the curb in favor of some good old fashioned thrills. But obviously, we still have some questions.

  1. Who is Charles DiLaurentis?
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    The season five finale gave us the "answer" we've been waiting for: Charles DiLaurentis is A. But who is Charles, and why are we just hearing about him now? Based on some of the findings in A's vault, it would appear that Charles is Jason DiLaurentis' fraternal twin brother and Ali's half-brother.

    Charles was most likely sent to Radley at a young age. This must have been the reason Mrs. DiLaurentis joined Radley Sanitarium's board of trustees. (Some fans have speculated it had something to do with Charles wanting to be a girl.) There, Charles' hatred for his sister -- the DiLaurentis' golden child -- grew, so when he left Radley (possibly at 18?), he wanted his sister to feel the same pain and embarrassment he felt for his entire life. This would also explain A's obsession with gAmes; he never had a normal childhood. Keegan Allen has said that A's story is "beautifully tragic," and what's more tragic than feeling unloved and neglected by your own parents? Perhaps A's entire game has just been for attention; he just wanted to be noticed for once in his life.

  2. Will the Liars escape A's dollhouse?
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    At the end of the finale, the Liars, plus Mona, found themselves "fenced in" A's property in the middle of nowhere. Will the Liars escape ahead of the season six premiere, or will they find themselves in a weird "Prison Break" situation?

    In short, yes. The Liars and Mona will escape A's twisted dollhouse. "PLL" boss Marlene King confirmed the news on Twitter, but she didn't elaborate on when. We know the Liars will graduate in the season six premiere, and we hope the girls are actually there to accept their diplomas.

  3. What happened seven years ago?
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    Spencer mentioned that the theme from A's totally effed up prom for the Liars -- a night at the opera -- was the same one from Melissa and Ian's prom seven years ago. Did something happen seven years ago to set "A" on a dark path? Perhaps his twin brother Jason attended that same prom seven years ago, and Charles wanted to relive the prom night he never got to have. But why did he want to dance with Ali? My theory is that A didn't want to dance with Ali; he wanted to be Ali. He wanted the spotlight on him for a change.

  4. Is Andrew Campbell helping Charles?
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    TBH, we don't think Charles and Andrew are the same person. It just doesn't make any sense. Andrew would be way too old to pass as a high school student (LOL). That being said, we do think Andrew is helping Charles. Why else would he offer up his family farm as A's lair? If Charles' is as sympathetic a character as the Powers That Be have set him up to be, then it would make sense that he would have an ally.