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Blink-182 Just Got Some Sweet Revenge On Tom DeLonge

Meanwhile, Tom has like 20 albums and 30 books in the works.

The Blink-182/Tom DeLonge battle rages on. The latest shot was fired by the Blink boys, who printed up some T-shirts that slyly comment on their split with their former guitarist.

Famous Stars and Straps


Well played boys, well played. The $28 shirt from Travis Barker's Famous Stars and Straps merch company was printed up to celebrate the band's first gig with Alkaline Trio guitarist Matt Skiba at last weekend's Musink Festival.

At this point it's unclear if Skiba will be the permanent third wheel in the band, but it seems pretty clear that DeLonge has moved on. Tom already had a solo album in the pipe, To the Stars... Demos, Odds and Ends, due out April 21.

But he also recently tweeted that he is working on two albums with his side project, Angels and Airwaves, two more solo albums and three novels that will accompany those releases. And that's not even nearly all. He updated fans on Sunday that he actually has 15 novels due over the next four years.

On Tuesday he released the new acoustic song, "The Invisible Parade," which was inspired by his brother's return from serving in Iraq.