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Lady Gaga's Stylist Confirms That Comfort Isn't A Priority For Mother Monster

To know Lady Gaga is to know her team, including the man behind her wardrobe, Brandon Maxwell. In the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Mother Monster's stylist finally gets his due. Not only did he pose alongside Gaga in Coco Chanel's apartment, he also gave a joint interview with his muse.

Since then, he's also opened up to Fashionista about dressing Gaga. Obviously, when talking about Mother Monster's style, there's a lot to unpack. Honestly, that'd be the case for anyone but is especially true for someone who lives by the principle, “We’re not just creating fashion as a look, but it’s an entire experience. It’s our life." So, we broke down his fascinating interview into all of the major takeaways.

As you might have suspected, Maxwell confirms that, yeah, comfort is not really Gaga's priority:

"With her, of course, you don’t really have to think about comfort."

Apparently, for Gaga, floor space isn't a concern either, because she has racks of options brought in even for when she's lounging at home or planning on running errands:

"For a normal day for her to be at home and going around town, it's probably a rack or two of clothes at her house."

For shoots, it's a LOT more:

"But if we're doing an editorial, it can be 20, 30, 40 racks. And tables of shoes and tables of jewelry."

You need all of those clothes when you're channeling as many greats as Lady Gaga:

"With the album coming out and her singing jazz, it just made more sense to do looks that were in line with the icons of the past, the great jazz legends, and do that in her own way. She’s very, very naturally beautiful and very regal, so it felt really natural for me to dress her like that."

Ultimately, though, she's her own inspiration and final say:

"She’s pretty in charge of everything she does. I’ve worked with a lot of other people and she definitely is one of those people who, from writing the music down to deciding what she wears during the day, everything is her vision."