Glamberts Are 'Dead' After Listening To Adam Lambert's 'Ghost Town' Teaser


Glamberts -- in less than one month, you will have new music from Adam Lambert.

Yes, you can full-on freak out now. It's allowed, since you have been waiting patiently for three whole years.

The former "American Idol" singer promised in January (when he announced his upcoming third album, Original High) that the first single would drop in April, and he is keeping his word.

Adam gave fans a short snippet on Tuesday (March 24) of his first single "Ghost Town," an upbeat whistle-driven song that sounds like it was made to get you on the dance floor.

While Adam, who co-wrote his entire upcoming album with hitmaker Max Martin, doesn't sing on the teaser, he may have given fans a look at the lyrics with this Instagram post.

So what do the Glamberts think of Adam's new look and sound? Not surprisingly, they are loving it.

Some have a few questions:

But the overall consensus seems to be something like this: