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What You Missed At Last Night’s 'Game of Thrones' San Francisco Premiere

In which Maisie Williams continues to be the best.

We learned a lot about what to expect in the fifth season of "Game of Thrones" from talking to the stars at its London premiere, but we feel the same way about news of the series as Cersei Lannister does about Dornish wine -- there's just never enough to satisfy our thirst!

Luckily, last night (March 23) was the San Francisco premiere of the season's opening episode, and there were a lot of wonderful Westerosi favorites in attendance. Here are the highlights of what happened:

  1. Expect a lot of dragons this season.

    When last we left Daenerys Targaryen's giant fire-breathing children in season 4, one was flying about the countryside possibly laying waste to small villagers, and the other two were chained together in a basement. But if you were worried this meant HBO would get to save some money on the dragon budget this year, think again.

    "It's a dragon season, so they are definitely making a couple of appearances," Emilia Clarke told The Hollywood Reporter. "I've lost one, so we'll have to see if I can find him again."

  2. Theon is decidedly not Theon anymore
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    When asked by HBO live stream interviewer Mara Raphael whether he should be called Theon or Reek these days, Alfie Allen went with the more heartbreaking option. "I think Reek now is the appropriate name," he said.

  3. Sophie Turner is so happy the Internet finally likes her.
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    "I'd gone through seasons 1 through 4 being not that liked, and I'd done so many crying scenes and quite depressing scenes," she said, talking about her sudden transformation to "Dark Sansa" last season. "It was nice to finally get a scene where I felt like I had all the power."

    "This is just her goth phase as a teenager, clearly." she added. "I'm going through mine right now, can't you tell?" Not really, but that's okay. We love you anyway.

  4. It's good to be the King... for now.
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    Now that Tommen Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne, things are looking pretty good for him. "But it's 'Game of Thrones,'" actor Dean Charles Chapman told the livestream hosts. "Things never happen as you wish, so who knows?"

  5. Kit Harington knows he knows nothing, stop telling him he does.
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    Hey, you know how Jon Snow knows nothing? Because he hears that a lot. Like, a LOT. "I never thought our show would be one for catchphrases," he said. "But apparently it is."

  6. Arya stark still has a lot of people left to kill.

    Of course, Maisie Williams had help reciting remember all those names with a whole bunch of fans in attendance. Maisie, can I just be your best friend? Seriously.

    Speaking of best friends, she also told live stream interviewer Veronica Belmont that she'd really like a "what if?" buddy comedy spin-off where Brienne of Tarth and Arya Stark travel around the countryside together. "I think Brienne would teach her to not be quite so angry," she said.

  7. Gwendoline Christie is a perfect goddess.
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    Prove me wrong. That's right, you CAN'T.

  8. Author George R.R. gets some weird requests from fans.

    "I had a fan who wanted to cut off a lock of my beard once," he told the livestream. I said no. I do a lot of things for my fans, but I'm not doing that." The fan then even tried to sneak up behind him with a pair of scissors, but fortunately was unsuccessful. Considering how many beloved characters the guy's killed over the years, thank the Seven it was just scissors!