This Dog Is Hilariously Bad At Catching Food: Watch

Dude's not really living up to his "golden retriever" title.

Meet Fritz, an adorable, All-American golden retriever. Fritz is just like any other dog, except Fritz is really bad at catching stuff in his mouth. Naturally, his owner decided to chronicle this, filming the dog as it tries and fails to catch food in midair.

Poor Fritz can't seem to get his mouth-eye coordination aligned, looking like a kid forced to play baseball for the first time in gym class, turning away as the food plops onto his face or snapping his jaws into nothing but air.

He can't catch a donut.

He can't catch a meatball.

He can't catch a slice of pizza.

He can't catch a taco.

He can't catch a strawberry.

He can't catch a steak (we think).

Fritz's food fails run the gamut, and they are all hilarious. But by the end, ol' Fritz tastes success, just barely snatching up a lone french fry out of midair. Watch his struggle reel below.