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T.I. Is Going To Get 'Unapologetically Gangsta' On His Next Album

And we're ready.

Trap music has been T.I.’s forte (one of them, anyways) for over a decade. Back in 2003, he even named his breakout album Trap Muzik -- which included hits like "Rubberband Man" and "Let's Get Away." And now, on his latest, Tip's got plans to go back to the trap.

"Paperwork, man, it's a trilogy," the rapper explained to HipHopSince1987 while promoting the upcoming film "Get Hard." "The first installment, The Motion Picture, was supposed to be cinematic; it was supposed to be nostalgic; it was supposed to, kind of, give an application of -- how can I say -- the sounds of yesteryear mixed with the hip-hop of today."

That album, including anthems like "About the Money" and "No Mediocre," was released in October. He's got different plans for the next installment, though.

"This next one is going to be unapologetically gangsta," he said. "It's trap music. And it's called Trap's Open."

Never forget, however, that Tip is a gangsta and a gentleman. So much so, in fact, that he was willing to give up and coming rappers some etiquette classes. Take note below.