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Yo, Your '90s Scrunchies Are Saving Animals

See? Fashion saves lives.

We know scrunchies were your go-to hair accessory in middle school (and maybe still now...? *raises eyebrow*), but today, these bad boys are actually being used to save wildlife.

If you have a cat, you know that they are natural-born predators. I mean, we can certainly recall a few times our kitties have delivered us a few, erm, presents (see: dead mice) while living in our NYC apartments, but for some outdoor-indoor cats, they're actually hunting down birds that need to be protected. So, what's the solution? Put a scrunchie on ’em, y'all!


Birdsbesafe created collars for cats that can protect Songbirds (a.k.a chicadees, robins, finches, warblers, and other common backyard birds) from being caught. Basically, all you have to do is slip on your scrunchie of choice over an existing collar and the bright patterns help the birds recognize their predators and escape before they are caught.


According to a St. Lawrence University study, 87% fewer birds are killed by cats when they are wearing Birdsbesafe collar covers, which is pretty dang effective, dudes, and for under $10, it's a steal. You hear that, Beanie Babies? It's time step up your game.